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Providing solutions to efficiently monitor and track inventory levels
Local Facility Inventory Management of Bulk Materials
(Silo Lite Package)

We have worked in petroleum, paper, and agricultural industries to name a few. Many companies face problems with not accurately knowing inventory levels in real time. This might be due to:
  • Difficult to manually "Stick" Vertical Tanks
  • Broken or Hung-Up Mechanical Gauges
  • Hazardous to climb tanks to manually gauge them

Binvex can provide simple solutions to help digitally monitor tank/silo inventory levels. Each company we work with is unique in its needs and requirements.

While working with your company Binvex Technologies will:

  • Understand your companies goals and objectives in a silo/tank system
  • Recommend the type of measurement device suited for your needs
  • Ensure that these devices are installed properly and function accordingly

Central Inventory Management of Multiple Facilities

Binvex Technologies can provide complete solutions to companies wanting more than just local facility inventory management.

Companies that have multiple facilities that have multiple tanks/silo on their sites can now see all the different inventory levels in a central location. Binvex can use their industrial solutions to tailor a solution for your company to fully unlock the benefits of a multi-facility inventory management solution.

Some of the benefits of an Inventory Management Solution:
  • Remote Monitoring of Inventories at multiple facilities via Web Browser
  • Collaborative Partnerships (Vendors, Suppliers, Customers etc.)
  • Optimization of Delivery of Inventory
  • Reduce Inventory Stock

Using a web browser allows authorized users to monitor inventories at all their facilities in real time, estimate usage, and set alerts. Approved users of the system can login and immediately have all inventory levels at all the company’s facilities no matter where these facilities are geographically.

Improve Supply Chain Management by setting inventory level delivery notifications to your vendors. This can reduce haulage costs, minimize downtime, and efficiently help maximize production.

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